Looking to buy artwork for your office or workplace?

Looking to buy artwork for your office or workplace?

Looking to buy artwork for your office or workplace?

Dare to be original

Choosing art for your office can be tricky. Art for the office needs to strike the right tone with both clients and employees. It needs to inspire a good working environment and create the right impression when people walk through the door. You’ll also need pieces that will broadly appeal but aren’t boring or generic. It’s a minefield!

You’re not only striving to achieve a polished working environment, you’re also sending a message about your organisation. What impression do you want to give?

Mass produced canvases that are cheap and generic but are easy on they eye are often not the best option. Relying on a generic canvas in order to satisfy everyone is a safe bet but you will likely not offend or inspire anyone, instead you can come across as stale and lacking in ideas.

This is especially problematic if yours is an organisation with claims to innovation and creativity.

Take the time to think about your business and your client base. Are you a small business that relies on the support of locals? You should look at supporting small independent local artists to strike the right chord when people walk through the door.
Perhaps you are a larger business dealing with wealthy clients and corporations. Large scale contemporary artwork, sculptures and photographs that subtly imply your extensive experience, company history can have great pulling power.

Whatever your business the real key is to think about your clientele first not about what your personal tastes are.

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