Having trouble shaking off a creative block?

Having trouble shaking off a creative block?

Having trouble shaking off a creative block?

Blank canvas syndrome: we’ve all been there before.

You’ve got your paints and pens out ready to capture all your brilliant ideas — but nothing seems to be coming out of your brain. Sometimes a creative block can seem like an impossible hurdle to overcome.

Here are some ways to break that barrier:

Just start!
It sounds so simple but give yourself permission to draw, paint or create badly, don't form any attachment to what you are doing, think of it as an exercise. Your only goal is to get something down on paper. Removing the idea that your art has to be perfect straight away or that this is your "exhibition piece" can be freeing. By creating something preliminary it can lead to better ideas later on.

You know what they say about too much of a good thing? Well research has shown that your brain performs at it's optimum for 45 minute stretches so taking a break at intervals can keep your brain fresh and stave off fatigue. If you’ve found yourself ruminating on the same task for hours upon hours, stepping away from the task may do you some good. It’s all about balance!

Change of Scenery
If you return to the same workspace every day, see what a change of scenery can do for your creative flow. Heading out to a new cafe, a stimulating shared workspace, or a refreshing park can awaken your inspiration and refresh your vigor for working.

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