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There are a few things to know before throwing yourself head first into creating an Artist account.

1. Art Station operates on a monthly payment schedule. Artists will be will be paid for all artworks sold that calendar month on the final day of that respective month providing the artwork sold has been delivered. Otherwise the payment will roll over until the following months payment run. For more info please refer to the Payment policy information below.

2. Art Station is a platform exclusively for selling Wall art, that means no 3D or sculpted work can be submitted.

Video Tutorials

We have put together a bunch of easy to follow video guides to help you through every step of the registration and seller process. We have everything covered, from Product Listing, Uploading Artwork to Order Processing and Fulfillment. Take a Look!

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Terms of Use

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Seller Information

We have a whole host of information at your disposal, from Terms and Conditions to Shipping Guidelines, Returns Policies and Commission Fees.

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