For Sale "Fusion" - Acrylic on canvas, 610 x 455mm. Unveiling the Story. This piece was drawn from a childhood memory (and this memory will resonate with many of my English friends). Every year in early October the fair came to the town where I lived. It was the highlight of the year for us kids. Mum and Dad gave us some money and we would go on our own to enjoy the joys of the funfair; bright lights, cool and scary rides, stalls and fish and chips. Every year the favourite attraction was the stool where you could win a Goldfish in a bag by hooking a duck off the water that had a dot underneath it. My parents fore warning to us was "please don't bring any Goldfish home" - they inevitably ended up down the loo or would die within a few days from some sort of fish disease. However, the attraction was too great so we would always head home with bags of them. This painting portrays those poor bagged Goldfish being set free in their new fish friendly environment. I have added the Kowhaiwhai as a nod to where I am today, therefore FUSING a memory with the present. 

Acrylic on 610 x 450mm stretched canvas. Original Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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