Wonderful art work with picture of funny and lovely sheep! 
These cute creatures charmed to me and I decided that I definitely need to portray them! It was on one of the lovely farm in New Zealand - Sheep World!
This painting is a group portrait boys lambs and girls sheep, who peacefully waiting their new haircut. My friends told me, that they recognised on this painting themselves, at the moment, when they get stuck in a traffic jam in the subway! Part of me thinks, it’s oatmeal, with a pinch of berries and bright confetti.
What do you see in this picture? I'm sure the list of metaphors and meanings can grow!

This painting will serve you and your cozy home like a conductor of great mood every time you look at  it! 

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 24*20 inch 

Depth: 1.5 inch 

Weight: 900 grams  

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