Shipping Policy & Guidelines

Will I have to ship the artwork myself?

Yes, all artists on Art Station are currently responsible for the fulfilment of orders themselves.

This means that, as a seller, you are required to pay for the initial outbound shipping for an artwork.

Customers are charged the shipping amount indicated in a seller's shipping profile. This amount is then passed on to sellers when the order is paid out. 

Only artworks that are ready to be shipped as soon as possible should be listed on Art Station as this is the promise we make to customers.

Artists should consider the shipping costs when pricing their artworks.

If an Artwork is Returned, will I be Reimbursed the Initial Shipping Cost?

At this point Art Station will not be able to reimburse outbound shipping costs originally paid by the customer. However, we will provide any transactional information, as necessary, to help you file a claim with your courier.

What happens if my customer cancels an order?

If your buyer cancels their order via their Art Station account, you will be automatically notified by Art Station’s system and prompted to accept the cancellation request.

If you have not already shipped the order, we ask that you accept the cancellation request as quickly as possible, however, feel free to contact your customer if you would like further information (perhaps there is a simple confusion that you can resolve).

Once you've accepted the cancellation request, you will need to put the artwork in question back in stock so that it is available for purchase by other customers.